Monday, June 18, 2007

mice snacks

As well as corn me and Ma have been attempting to enjoy some little mouse-snacks. After Ma got a chunk out of one of the mouse-snacks their cage has now been turned into a difficult puzzle. We can smell the mouse-snacks inside but we just can't get in through the stupidly fine mesh. We can't even grab a succulent and no doubt very tasty toe!

The little idiot taunts us with pictures of the succulent morsels which, actually are growing amazingly fast and will soon be a whole meal each! Do you think perhaps they are just being fattened up for us?

The one "helping" with the sewing is called "Vaughny". You can see where Mummy took a bite out of his nose. Unfortunately it seems to have healed up well. ...sigh ... well I suppose at least that means we have more mouse-treat to enjoy later, when we find a way in to the cage.

corn o matic

Of an evening I do enjoy a corn on the cob. The little idiot has the very bad habit of trying to steal my corn. What a meanie she is.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The mini-ones

The week after the death of the best rat ever the little human (hereafter the little idiot) remained inconsolable. What's worse, her lover the big human was also absent. I can't see the fascination with males myself. I mean Phil was fun for a shag and a cuddle and of course we were sad for a half a day when he died, but he was bone idle, never lifting a finger to help with the renovations to the sofa, couldn't be bothered to knaw through a macadamia nut shell and worst of all never left the comfort of the sofa to explore the world.

So, anyway, come Tuesday the little human was off to - the Pet Shop. And what did she come back with?

The bloke at the pet shop told her they were rats, but I'll tell you they don't smell like no rat and in fact I quite fancy one as a tasty snack right now. All I know is that they are a "lesser" species, that deserve to die. The little idiot tells me they are multimammate mice. Well - they are boys, so I guess that is the main thing. At least they don't stink like mice do and they don't seem quite as stupid as mice either. But I don't think they are very pretty do you? At least they are nothing compared to beautiful beautiful me!

best rat ever

The little human and the big human have known many many rats and they tell me that Phil-rat was the best rat ever. He died on 26th May at about 2 years of age. He didn't have a day of illness his whole life, not even a sneeze, until he developed a lump on his backside about a month before he died. The lump grew fast and spread across his flank. It felt like a lot of the lump was internal, so prospects didn't seem great and he slowly became less active. Then on the night of 25th May he felt cold. A cold rat in the evening is often a dead rat the next day but Phil seemed OK the next day and ate some cereal in soya milk quite enthusiastically. Then he died at about human lunchtime. Me and mummy were very sad because Phil was our luvver, and so we went and hid at the top of the cage until the umans came home. The big human went away the next day for a whole weeeeek so it is just as well Phil died when he did because the big human was Phil's best friend and he wouldn't have liked to be lonely.