Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Year of the RAT!

We enjoyed an excellent Christmas this year. I was hoping that on Christmas morning each of us would find a nicely fattened mouse snack, tied up with string at the end of our hammock, but no, our stockings contained exactly one macadamia nut each! The big human's Mum saved the day, however. She is most generous and showered us with delicious presents. Here is a video of me opening the best present, with carols playing in the background. On Christmas Day afternoon we enjoyed a feast of duck bones, which were also very tasty. Meantime the mouse-snacks still fatten in their cage (now 100g each!). I think they even got a couple of the gifts. You know, they are primitive beings, and enthusiatically chew wooden blocks and run in wheels and the like. Don't they realise that the wheel doesn't actually go anywhere?! Dim little mouse-snacks.