Sunday, February 17, 2008

goings on in the rathouse

I haven't blogged for a while, because I have been so upset. In January, Mummy (Emily) died. Don't know why. She just got weak over a month or so. I was very worried when she was ill but since then I have just felt down and not had the energy to write.

Yesterday it all changed and suddenly life has got very interesting again. I found, camped out in a cage in the living room, these two... They say their names are Barack Hussein Obama and John Sidney McCain. But those are stupid names and far too long for such tiny ratlets, so I have decided to call them "Bruxing Barack" and "Sidney". They are real wimps and easy to beat up. I just knock 'em over and they lie on their backs squealing. They both tell me they will soon be president of the United States of America, but really I find that hard to believe when me, a little Pixel of a girl rat, can knock 'em down with one paw and a slash of my tail.