Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am the Alpha Rat!

On 1st June we were all quite upset when PiXie decided to breathe her last in the arms of the little human. But we did not have long to mourn because only a few days later one of the little mouse snacks (they call him Freddy) suddenly got very quiet and then died. Freddy had been the top mouse-snack (the Alpha), so was the chief defender of the tiny tribe. Perhaps with PiXie his arch-nemesis departed he saw no reason to cling to life. There was a swift shift of power in the mouse-snack cage - Vaughny started to look much healthier and started to dominate Monty. This was rather a surprise since Monty had always been 2nd mouse-snack, and we'd always assumed Vaughny's apparent indifferent health was caused by the fight in his youth with Emily, a fight from which he still bears the scars..

Meanwhile, back in my house, Sidney had not reacted at all well to the parting of his lover, PiXie. He started to get angrier and angrier. While we could still sleep nose to nose, whenever he was awake he was chasing me, or stomping round the house and trying to take chunks out of the humans. This last is really silly - humans cannot jump out of the way as fast as we can, and since they are not very strong, they bleed and whine pitifully if you bite them.

One day I heard the humans say "we have to have his balls". Although I was surpsied how lonely I got while Sid was being given so much special attention now it is great - I am the Alpha rat! There's no stopping me! Sidney does what I say! I groom him lots and he does not bite me. My fur is growing back and, so are the humans' fingers.

Bruxing Barack - leader of the free ratworld!