Saturday, March 8, 2008

Obama v McCain

There is hot competition in the rathouse. Barack and Sid are both eating as hard as they can. In the first week Barack gained a whopping 55g, but since then Sid has maintained his lead, even pulling away slightly at the last weigh-in yesterday.

The boys seem to think this is all very important, but I can't see why. I am still more than 100g bigger than either of them - which makes them just pretenders to the throne.

I am used to boys being pretty lazy things that doss around reading the paper and licking their torpedos all day, so I have been quite surprised by Barack. He is a fun guy! He is very quick to learn mischief and is already running rings round the silly humans. For example, he has mastered jumps of 2-3 feet. I wonder if I might be able to teach him how to do use the computer. Well, we'll see.