Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Ratty Troubles - or, an instant jet-lag cure

The little human went away, and then she came back. She seemed very tired in the mornings. The big human says this is called "jetlag". But the big human and me and mummy, we invented a jetlag cure. The big human makes a cup of tea and gets some breakfast cereal flakes. Then he takes us and the tea and the flakes down to the little human and puts us on her bed. We have a wonderful time running around nipping her nose and her toes and crawling into her clothes and loudly munching on the crispy cereal, and dipping our noses in the tea. It is our favourite fun time. In only a few minutes the little human is wide awake, but if she does fall asleep again we nip her on the nose until she wakes up. No more lazy mornings for the little human!