Saturday, June 9, 2007

The mini-ones

The week after the death of the best rat ever the little human (hereafter the little idiot) remained inconsolable. What's worse, her lover the big human was also absent. I can't see the fascination with males myself. I mean Phil was fun for a shag and a cuddle and of course we were sad for a half a day when he died, but he was bone idle, never lifting a finger to help with the renovations to the sofa, couldn't be bothered to knaw through a macadamia nut shell and worst of all never left the comfort of the sofa to explore the world.

So, anyway, come Tuesday the little human was off to - the Pet Shop. And what did she come back with?

The bloke at the pet shop told her they were rats, but I'll tell you they don't smell like no rat and in fact I quite fancy one as a tasty snack right now. All I know is that they are a "lesser" species, that deserve to die. The little idiot tells me they are multimammate mice. Well - they are boys, so I guess that is the main thing. At least they don't stink like mice do and they don't seem quite as stupid as mice either. But I don't think they are very pretty do you? At least they are nothing compared to beautiful beautiful me!

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