Monday, June 18, 2007

mice snacks

As well as corn me and Ma have been attempting to enjoy some little mouse-snacks. After Ma got a chunk out of one of the mouse-snacks their cage has now been turned into a difficult puzzle. We can smell the mouse-snacks inside but we just can't get in through the stupidly fine mesh. We can't even grab a succulent and no doubt very tasty toe!

The little idiot taunts us with pictures of the succulent morsels which, actually are growing amazingly fast and will soon be a whole meal each! Do you think perhaps they are just being fattened up for us?

The one "helping" with the sewing is called "Vaughny". You can see where Mummy took a bite out of his nose. Unfortunately it seems to have healed up well. ...sigh ... well I suppose at least that means we have more mouse-treat to enjoy later, when we find a way in to the cage.

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