Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day 3 in the rat house

Hello. My name is Pixel. Three days ago some big BIG big people came and took me and my Mum away from our hot, noisy and smelly home and brought us here. Here is a picture of me with the BIGGEST of the BIG people. The BIG people talk very funny, but maybe they are OK and at least I am not longer being bovvered by my pesky brothers, Taroh and Tatsushi and my strict Aunt Ayako. I can still smell boys though....sniff sniff sniff...

When I arrived they weighed me and told me I was 75g. I feel like all I have done since I arrived is eat and sleep. It is much easier to sleep here and the food is great! All we ate in the old place was seeds. Our new cage is a bit bigger than the one at our old home and of course only the two of us have to share it. It has wire sides so I can clamber all over it. I keep falling off things and Mummy keeps smacking me. Mummy says that one day, when I am grown up, we will escape and move to a bigger place. My Mummy's name is Yoko, which the big people pronounce as "Emily" which is a bit odd, I think.

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