Monday, May 14, 2007

trick rat

I am a trick rat. I do loads of really cool tricks. I climb curtains and jump large distances up and down. I am also conducting serious research undermining the structure of the sofa. Usually the humans are faar tooo slooow to catch me on film, but recently they saw me climbing the window and wer quick enough to film me climbing down. I am hoping that I might get an audition for a part in Spiderman 4.

R.I.P BillRat

On 7th April Bill-rat died peacefully. He had repeated abscesses (~4 over several months) on each side of his jaw but actually at the time of his death was not suffering from one. He had become quieter and quieter over a couple of months and had started to get very tired after trying to run about. I guess he may have had heart failure although he didn't look blue (which is a sign of oxygen not getting round the body very well). Phil-rat was sad to lose his best friend so ever since then me and Mummy have been living with him to keep him company. Phil-rat keeps trying to convince us to bear his sons, but while we enjoy the mating game every so often we prefer to remain unburdened by motherhood.