Monday, February 5, 2007

R.I.P. ColBol

At New Year Colin seemed very ill and we all thought he was a goner, but then he mostly recovered, although stayed in a one level tank due to increased head tilt/ balance problems. He continued to improve and by last Wednesday he could wander around on the floor heading where he intended (rather than falling over due to balance problems). On Thursday he seemed less well and the little human noticed that the side of his face seemed a little swollen. Then on Friday night he felt cold and was a bit fluffed up and it didn't seem possible to warm him up. So in a way it was not a surprise to find him dead on Saturday morning. He wasn't that old and his fur was beautiful, even as he lay dead in his tank. We all wanted mittens made out of Collie fur!

Bye bye Colly Bolly Number 1 rat best friend!

Here's a pic of Col when he were very young.